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Hey everyone,

There’s a problem with work.

There’s a problem with how companies hire engineers, and a problem with how engineers find jobs.

The problem is that people don’t love where they work. This is bad for employers and employees alike.

People don’t love where they work because it’s hard to understand the workplace culture of an employer until you’re actually an employee.

In fact, discovering the true workplace culture and the values of a company is often the last step in the hiring process.

First, you see an appealing job.

Then, you tweak your resume to fit it. Maybe write a cover letter.

You send off your application.

You hear back.

Then do a phone interview with a recruiter.

Then a phone interview with the hiring manager.

Then an in-person interview and coding assessment, all of which takes hours.

Get offer. Accept. Go to work. Start to see the real culture of the company. Hopefully, you like it and it’s a good fit.

But what if it’s not? Then you calculate how quickly you can leave the job and find your next one…only to repeat the cycle above.

What if it wasn’t like this? What if you could actually see the culture of a company before even deciding to apply?

Soon, you’ll be able to.

We’re working with companies in the DC area to help you see what they really value, so you can work for a place that works for you.

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Example values

  • Passionate About Product
  • We Pair Program
  • Clear Communication
  • Great For Parents
  • Lean Product Development
  • Social Atmosphere
  • Encourages deep work

Engineers come to DC Tech Values to find teams that share their values.

We'll help you build a profile that communicates the core values of your software engineering team.

When engineers come to DC Tech Values, they'll find companies that work the way that they want to work.
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Appeal to the devs who identify as missionaries, not mercenaries.


would be willing to take a pay cut to work for a company that shares their values and has a mission they believe in.


are proud of the company they work for because their company has a positive culture where they can be themselves.


would not work at a leading company if it had a bad workplace culture


What is the value proposition for employers?

What is the value proposition for engineers?

What will the platform look like?

How will DC Tech Values attract software engineers to the platform?

What values will be included on the platform?

What is the profile creation process like?

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