Access to all of your mobility choices in one place.

TransitScreen is a SaaS company offering a flexible suite of products to better manage & enhance commutes for your employees & residents. Our flagship product, also called TransitScreen, provides real-time information about all nearby public transit arrivals and availability of bikeshare, carshare, and ridehailing services.

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Diverse Team

Diversity is more than a goal for us. It's the reality of our team as it stands today.

Five of our six engineers are people of color. Two are women. We're also diverse in terms of ages, and family types, as the CEO and three engineers have kids.

We want to work with the most talented engineers who believe in helping people make more informed decisions about how they get around.

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Passionate About Product

Our team has a passion for quality.

Our engineers care about the details, how things look, and how things feel. As a small team, we know that the code that is written today will be the building block for our future work.

This kind of craftsman mindset stems from our CEO, Matt, who himself is technical and also functions in a CTO role.

In addition to our focus on quality for its own sake, our team is passionate about how our products can help our end users interact with public transportation. We believe that with better access to relevant information, our users can make commuting decisions that are better for both them and the environment.

Social Impact Company

Our products enable millions of people to make more sustainable transportation choices.

Both environmentally and socially, we view public transportation as a benefit to society. By providing information about several forms of transportation, we're helping people make sensible transit decisions.

Our products help more people make use of the public transportation available in their cities, which leads to greater investment in public transportation in the future. It also reduces the amount of trips made in single occupancy vehicles.

When working in the office, the majority of our team takes public transit, walks or bikes to work.

Start-To-Finish Ownership

Our engineers are seen as the experts at their work.

Each of our devs is focused on one particular area, like the backend of the mobile app, or the development of one of our new products, Commute Wise.

Within their focus, they make decisions on everything from scoping to testing to deployment.

Trust Without Micromanagement

Our engineers take pride in what their building.

We believe that an environment of trust allows for quick learning, creativity, and ultimately, higher quality products. This isn't the kind of place where you have to ask for permission before you doing something that you see needs doing.

For example, if one of our departments reports a bug or requests a feature, engineers have the ability to go directly to them, learn what they need, establish what is possible, and get working on a solution.

Flexible Work Arrangements

We care more about output than inputs.

We want to accommodate and welcome different types of people in different situations. Of our six developers, three are parents. For everyone on the team, we recognize that some people are more productive at different times than others. With the demands of daily life, we're flexible about when people are on and offline.

Generally, as long as people can attend the meetings on their schedules and are getting their work done, we're flexible about the exact hours that people get their heads-down work done.

While most of our team is based in the DC area (and we do intend to come back to the office at some point), we also have flexibility when it comes to working from home.

In fact, of our six engineers, one is currently in Brazil taking care of family, and another is in Canada.

Encourages Deep Work

Our culture allows engineers to concentrate intensely on their core work, when needed.

Flexibility about when heads-down work will get done, and the ability to work without needing to get approval on every decision (see: Trust Wihtout Micromanagement) allow engineers to work with depth. Writing quality code can require the ability to concentrate without distraction.

When our engineers need to focus for some length of time, they can let the team know that they shouldn't be interrupted for things that can wait.

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Access to all of your mobility choices in one place.
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