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StreetShares, a Fintech company, provides a SaaS platform for banks/credit unions to offer high-quality lending and banking products to SMBs. The analytics-rich cloud platform serves every aspect of the loan lifecycle and can be up-and-running in weeks, not years.

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Cross-Functional Collaboration

Integrated collaboration is our secret sauce.

We have three focus areas within the engineering teams at StreetShares based on capabilities and personas: one focused on the small business owners, one focused on the bank users, and the third is a platform team focused on “horizontal” technical features and processes as well as infrastructure, infosec and data management. 

Each of these teams has a product manager, software engineers, and DevOps engineers. At the same time, our teams often meet with our domain experts (former bankers and credit experts) and our client services team. The client team is a part of our weekly demos to understand the product and provide insight into our end users’ minds.

Tight integration across functions can be difficult because everyone speaks a different language. But, we believe the conversations that arise allow us to build the best possible product.

Fast-Paced Environment

We are serving a vast, untapped market that needs our help more than ever. That means we must work hard and fast.

In January 2021, we created a PPP solution for 150+ banks. If these banks were counted as a single entity, we would have been the third-largest PPP lender in America. We built the solution by working extremely hard and fast, getting it done from start-to-finish in only four weeks.

The scale and importance of our work necessitate that we need to move fast. There is an intensity to working here that isn't often felt in other companies.

Incredible Colleagues

We're a small team, but we punch above our weight.

Our team consists of highly skilled, kind, and interesting people. As a veteran-founded company, there is a can-do attitude that permeates our culture from top-to-bottom, and we routinely do seemingly impossible things together. 

Beyond skill and attitude, our team members bring their whole self to work and let their personalities show.

Passionate About Product

Small business owners are heroes. Our products help them get the capital they need.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the engine of the economy and genuinely are the American heroes, yet the traditional banking market has underserved them. Banks usually focus on large businesses and consumers and leave a gap in their focus for small business owners.

Our products help change that. By making software that allows banks to lend more easily to small business owners, we're helping small business owners get access to the capital they need.

Trust Without Micromanagement

We expect our team to do the right thing.

We don't have a culture of constantly doubting that people are working hard or making the right decisions. There is psychological safety in terms of proposing new ideas and trying them out.  This type of trust is essential in terms of experimentation required to build the best possible product.

Continuous Delivery

We believe that software must be continuously improving, and teams must continually update the code into production. 

Our DevOps team is top-notch and has facilitated the safe and efficient delivery of products.  It is often ten plus updates each day but generally behind feature flags, which are then used to release capabilities to the end-users.

Flexible Work Arrangements

We're more focused on doing good work than on when it gets done.

For the most part, our team members have flexibility in when and where their work gets done. We expect everyone to be at key meetings, but otherwise, we give people the freedom to work when it is best for them.

Some team members work out in the middle of the day, and it’s not a problem to go offline to be at an appointment. Some team members work more heavily late in the evening or whenever works best for them.

Uses Cutting-Edge Technology

We use the best technology to deliver solutions as quickly as possible.

Two years ago, we established a new tech stack consisting of Python, React, Docker, MySQL, Redis streams, Kubernetes on AWS, Cloudflare CDN, Terraform, Ansible, and DataDog. 

We are happy with our tech stack; we promote component-based design, solid software engineering practices that enable faster and faster iteration speed.

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Trusted Digital Finance to America’s Heroes
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