Simple, Secure Identity Verification is the most trusted digital identity network, providing mobile and online identity verification technology in the U.S. for commercial and public sector partners. Our mission is to make the world a more trusted place by facilitating transparent and efficient interactions between people and organizations. With over 34M users and counting, we’re just getting started. As a technology company relentlessly focused on helping our members achieve more with their digital identity, we want to ensure we are inclusive, safe, and secure in the mind of the consumer.


Software Development Engineer IV - Internal Tools (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Software Development Engineer IV - Marketplaces (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Manager, Threat & Vulnerability (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Senior Security Engineer (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Manager, Security Operations (SOC) (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Senior Application & Product Security Engineer (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Software Development Engineer IV (Remote)

United States (U.S.)

Software Development Engineer III (Remote)

United States (U.S.)
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Passionate About Product

Every aspect of what we do, from identity proofing to military verification, helps someone in some way.

This has always been true of what we've built, but it's especially easy to recognize during the COVID-19 pandemic. For example, states can now securely and accurately distribute CARES Act benefits as a result of the work of our engineers. These benefits are critical for Americans to maintain their lives, and this energizes our team to do great work.

Our products touch all sectors of the economy with great impact, including military, healthcare and government services. But we always keep the benefit to end users, like veterans, top of mind.

The passion we have for our products, and how it helps our millions of users, is the leading motivation for our high-performance culture. We expect excellence at every role in the company and only hire and keep A players who give an A effort.

The stakes of our work are constantly communicated to the team and it drives our culture. We're passionate about what we're building, and who we build it with, because we understand how much it matters.

Start-To-Finish Ownership

Our engineers are motivated by knowing that they have ownership over their work.

They feel responsible for the success of the product, because we give them ownership over what they work on.

Early on at, we realized that our engineers wanted more than being told what features to build. They wanted to be involved in discussions about the product roadmap, voice any concerns or questions they have and understand why we do things a certain way. That's exactly how we operate now.

Product drives our roadmap, but before an engineer is given a feature to work on, we discuss exactly why it matters, what it means to the client and any potential issues the engineers foresee.

As we continue to grow, we're quickly getting to a point where we want engineers to own everything from building a feature, to testing it, to deploying it to production, to fixing it when something goes wrong. Because we are so selective about who we hire, we can continue to increase the amount of ownership we give to engineers.

For example, we have on-call rotations for applications that engineers own. If their application or feature breaks at 3am every night, they're going to get it fixed quickly.

Taking ownership means taking responsibility for the good and the bad. In the end, we find that it makes our engineers happier and our product better.

Strong Team Mentality

Our team knows how to have each others' backs and how to have fun.

Our team is tight-knit, both in and out of work, and it shows. At work, when something goes wrong, teammates are quick to lend a hand . As a team of extremely skilled and effective engineers, you can be sure someone will be able to help.

Another indicator of our strong team mentality is the fact that everyone (pre-Covid) came into the office. We have flexible work arrangements (see below), and engineers can work at home if they want/need to. Still, almost everyone chose to come into the office, because the team just enjoys being together.

In pre-pandemic times, we'd have events like an annual casino night, a VIP experience with Cirque du Soleil, and frequent happy hours.

During the pandemic, we're welcoming new team members with virtual happy hours and other Zoom activities, such as fitness classes and trivia competitions. However, we're very much looking forward to being back in the office, as our culture is even stronger when we are together.

More recently, members of various departments have been playing video games, like Among Us, together online.

We enjoy our work and being with each other.

Lean Product Development

We believe in a tight collaboration between product and engineering.

Our Chief Product Officer, Pradheep Sampath, has changed He believes in integrating with engineering, so there's a product representative embedded on every engineering team.

Our engineering team leads, product leads, CTO and CPO meet multiple times a week to discuss upcoming features, resource constraints, and the next steps necessary to make sure we are shipping quickly and staying in tune with what our customers need.

We don't wait for quarterly release cycles. As soon as something has been built and QA tested, it gets shipped.

Culture of Recognition

We believe great work deserves to be recognized.

Recognition is a company-wide value that the engineering department doubles down on.

Every week, we have an Town Hall meeting. Among the topics discussed are the teams and individuals who have done something that deserves to be recognized, by name, in front of the rest of the company. This usually comes as Blake, our CEO, or another member of the executive team recognizing people's work and telling the entire company how it helped

Additionally, every month we have an engineering all-hands. We highlight people who have pulled off a technically complex feature or shipped something on an impressive timeline.

Recognition is part of our high-performance culture. Not everyone gets a gold star, but the great work that team members do is recognized and celebrated.  

While talent and effort are appreciated, it is results that we really value.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Great work also deserves to be rewarded.

At the end of the day, excellent work is what makes and it's culture possible. This means that there are periods of time when you might work with intense focus, and work hard. That's why it's so important to us to encourage our employees to take it slower at times as well.

We have an unlimited PTO policy, for the specific reason that we don't want you to burn out. We're focused on making excellent work a sustainable endeavor and will encourage you to take time off.

We also recognize that different people work better under different conditions. Some members of our team like to hunker down for hours and have quiet alone time while they code. Others like to sit next to someone and pair program.

We want to make sure everyone has the environment they need to do their best work.

While we've always had some remote flexibility, working during the pandemic has proven that work from home absolutely can work, and we're now hiring more remote-first engineers.

Day-to-day, if you need to be out of the office (or offline) for a personal reason like a doctor’s appointment, there isn't a big corporate process to go through. If you're a high performer (as our team is), we trust you to manage your work, as you just need to confirm it with the needs of the team and your manager.

Another flexible perk is our parental leave policy. Mothers and fathers for birth, adoptive or fostering get 3 months.

Do Work That Interests You

Solving challenging problems interests our engineers. Luckily, we have plenty to solve.

We're building something that has never existed before - an identity layer for the internet. That means solving problems that have never been solved.

Of course, not everything we do is groundbreaking innovation, and we have to work within our resources and product roadmap. We try to align what you're working on to what interests you and spread the challenging problems around the team.

Whenever we can, we give our engineers flexibility on what to work on.

Culture of Learning

Across, we hire people who are naturally curious, lifelong learners and continue to absorb knowledge. In fact, it's a huge part of our hiring process.

Fostering a culture of learning is a priority for going forward. After seeing massive growth in 2020, we're able to invest more heavily in programs and efforts to help our employees continue to learn.

We've started University, a place for people to share knowledge about our company, our product and new technologies.

On the engineering team specifically, we do weekly talks, called "Lightning Talks", where someone on the team will do a 15-30 minute presentation on something they're knowledgeable about, whether or not it's directly related to work. For instance, our CTO, Tanel, recently did a talk on 3D video game development.

As our resources grow, we're able to contribute more toward continuous learning efforts so that our employees are always growing at the same pace as the company.

Learning is integral to the culture. Next to talent, effort, and a penchant for generating results, it is one of the most important things we hire for.

Here's what our hiring process looks like:

  • A pre-screen call with a technical recruiter.
  • A Wonderlic Assessment, which measures cognitive, personality, and motivation.
  • A phone call with our Director of Engineering.
  • 1 technical interview. DevOps and SRE’s do a second technical interview.
  • 1 team fit interview with our Director of Engineering
  • 3 behavioral/culture interviews, which tie directly to our values.

In our interviews, we explicitly ask you to tell us what you're learning about right now, a time when you've left something better than you found it, etc.

We hire people who love to learn, and support that love in their work at

Simple, Secure Identity Verification
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