Social fundraising and engagement platform for educational institutions

At GiveCampus, our mission is to help advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education. We’ve become the world’s leading social fundraising and engagement platform for non-profit educational institutions, and we’re trusted by nearly 1,000 colleges, universities, and K-12 schools. We’re profitable and continuing to expand our team to support our aggressive growth trajectory, and we’re looking to hire exceptional, motivated, diverse candidates.


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Committed To Personal Growth 

Our leadership team is committed to finding out what each employee is passionate about, and providing opportunities to help you pursue those interests. Every manager has a discretionary budget to provide you with books, online courses, webinars, and conference tickets (once the world opens back up) to help you grow as an engineer.

For example, “Lunch & Learn” presentations are a big part of our culture, where everyone is encouraged to share coding techniques and best practices their peers could benefit from. While completely optional and self-directed, our engineers choose to host around 4-5 presentations every quarter, and we upload the Zoom recordings to Google Drive for new hires to reference (months after the initial meeting).

Do Work That Interests You  

Full-stack web development covers a wide array of technologies, and we have ongoing conversations to figure out what type of engineering work aligns best with your interests. Whether that’s scaling our Sidekiq server to handle 10 million background jobs a month, building out rich donor-facing features using JavaScript/CSS, or diving into the depths of payment processing code, we want to provide impactful projects you’ll love to work on.

EQ Valued Highly  

We intentionally focus on building empathy between departments, and creating a shared language every team can use internally.

Our Partner Success leads understand what technical terms like “Rails”, “Postgres”, and “Pull Requests” mean at a high-level, while our engineers learn about the inner-workings of fundraising departments at schools.

It’s much easier to ship impactful work when you understand the end-user’s perspective, and many of our teammates used to work directly in the advancement department at educational institutions. This gives our engineers a unique lens into the world of a fundraiser, and our partner schools ultimately reap the benefits.

Junior Dev Friendly 

With nearly 60% of our engineering team joining GiveCampus fresh out of university (or a mid-career coding bootcamp), we pride ourselves on assigning projects that will push you outside of your comfort zone and help you grow as an engineer. You will also be invited to weekly pairing sessions with our senior engineering team to answer any questions you might have, and help you get unstuck on any project you’re working on.

We are ultimately looking for junior engineers with a growth mindset, and aim to provide an environment where you can dramatically improve your productivity within a year.

While having experience with our core technical stack will help you hit the ground running faster, it’s not a requirement. So long as you’re passionate about learning the ins and outs of full-stack web development, and get excited about the opportunity to write code that helps more individuals afford higher education, then we’d love to chat.

Prioritizes Communication

We pride ourselves on transparent communication, and welcome thoughtful feedback when discussing how to best serve our partner community. You are expected to speak your mind here, and respect your teammates when they critique your work.

We encourage every teammate to voice their opinion whenever they disagree with some aspect of the project they’re working on. Everyone has blind spots, and we actively seek fresh perspectives from our peers to elevate the quality of work we produce.

With daily standups, weekly sprint planning meetings, and quarterly retreats with the entire company, we check in consistently to make sure our teams are aligned.

For example, the engineers host an open-invitation “Demo Day” session every Friday, showcasing all of the notable feature updates we recently deployed to production.

Puts Customer First

Our mission is to help advance the quality, the affordability, and the accessibility of education, and we have helped schools raise more than $1 billion over the past 5 years.

Whether the phrase “Partner Success” is in your title or not, schools are at the center of every conversation we have at GiveCampus (regardless of department).

Every line of code you write ultimately helps more individuals afford higher education, and helps improve the academic and cultural programs they’ll take part in during their journey at the institution.

Our partner schools stake their reputation on our platform with every fundraising campaign we help facilitate, and we hold our company’s work to a high standard.

A school’s relationship with a generous alumni donor often spans multiple decades, and we are not going to drop the ball on a school’s behalf.

We consistently test our assumptions with actual users before merging pull requests. Nearly half of our Partner Success team has direct experience working in the fundraising department at educational institutions, and we encourage live feedback sessions between our engineers and the school administrators who use our products. 

Strong Team Mentality 

Exceptional work cannot be made in a silo, and every project at GiveCampus is a group project. This also applies when things don’t go quite according to plan.

After every major engineering incident that negatively impacts the business, we perform blameless postmortems to uncover the root cause of our mistake.

The key phrase is our mistake, as we don’t cast blame on the engineer who created the pull request, or the two reviewers who approved it. It’s far more important to discuss how we can prevent the situation from happening again in the future, than getting to the bottom of exactly who caused the problem in the first place.

We also invite team members from other departments to these meetings to share a fresh, non-engineering perspective on how we can improve our processes long-term.

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Social fundraising and engagement platform for educational institutions
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