Enriching communities by connecting businesses to people, enabling all to thrive.

GetUpside is a retail technology company that uses personalized cash back promotions to bring shoppers more value and proven profit to brick and mortar businesses. As millions of shoppers earn 2 to 3 times more cashback with GetUpside than any other product, businesses nationwide earn more profit without changing their business models. Many other brands use the GetUpside Partner Platform to power their own app experiences, leaning on GetUpside’s proven methodology to help shoppers and businesses do better. GetUpside is headquartered in Washington, D.C. and has driven hundreds of millions of dollars back into our communities nationwide.


Product Manager, Marketplace Platform

Washington, D.C.

Product Manager, Restaurants

Washington, D.C.

Business Analyst, Merchant Operations

Washington, D.C.

Product Designer

Washington, D.C.

Technical Project Manager

Washington, D.C.

Analytics Engineer

Washington, D.C.

Data Scientist

Washington, D.C.

Senior Software Engineer - Data Engineering

Washington, D.C.
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Diverse Team

Our diversity is critical to our success as a company and as a team.

We appreciate that diversity spans multiple dimensions — racial, cultural, socio-economic, educational, opinion-based, and more. As we grow, we are deliberate about building & maintaining a diverse workforce so we all benefit from the richness that different perspectives bring.

To begin, we are very thoughtful about who we bring onto our team and how. Instead of adding diversity filters or checks at the end of the hiring funnel, we’ve broadened our sourcing and training at the top of the funnel to remove obstacles or unconscious biases from the pipeline. That way, more diverse perspectives actually make it to the end of the hiring process.  

Our commitment to inclusion and allyship extends well beyond hiring. To put our beliefs into action, our culture committee, opt-in book clubs, facilitated internal discussions, and company-wide unconscious bias training sessions encourage us to think critically about our thoughts and actions in social and professional settings so we can actively build each other up. 

We embrace our individuality, accept one another, and appreciate each person’s contribution to our mission.     

Best Ideas Win / Minimal Politics

Our innovation is not tied to hierarchy, but to great ideas. 

At Getupside, we have a loose organizational structure with high expectations, which means each of our contributions directly impacts the success of our company. 

GetUpside engineers are organized into scrum teams, by product area, that are very fluid. In fact our backend engineers can move from one team to another as needed depending on company priorities. All teams participate in our agile development cycle, where each team member becomes part of the planning process and has the opportunity to influence the direction of our product.

Cross functionally, there are a number of open meetings where we empower and encourage all team members to ask questions, share ideas, or voice opinions. In a number of cases, questions raised in company-wide meetings like our CEO’s weekly “Ask me Anything” sessions have sparked ideas that led to significant change for our product and our company. 

Above all else, we let the data speak for itself. We take all ideas, test them, and see what’s most impactful. There are no boundaries to the way our team members bring their experiences to bear to build a product that we are immensely proud of. 

Social Impact Company

In everything we do, our actions are aligned with our mission to help communities thrive.  

GetUpside’s software gives customers more spending power by saving them money, and makes merchants measurably more profitable by earning them business they wouldn’t have earned otherwise. This makes each transaction more efficient and, in turn, makes businesses more efficient. When businesses do better, communities grow stronger.

Fundamentally improving brick-and-mortar commerce is a big idea. On our growth trajectory, we can increase the purchasing power of U.S. consumers and the profitability of U.S. brick-and-mortar merchants by over 25 billion dollars per year. Adding this much value back into our communities annually would have an enormous impact. To put this giant number into perspective, if aggregated, this value could feed more than 8.3 million people for a year, put 2.5 million people through all four years of college at a state school, or even pay the annual income of 425,000 American families. Broken down to the individual level, consumers could increase their purchasing power by over 500 dollars annually, and businesses could earn 10–20% more dollars in incremental profit annually … And that’s just in one year.

At GetUpside, we are working to scale a technology company and culture that focuses not only on doing well, but also on doing good. Now more than ever, people need more purchasing power for their everyday expenses and businesses need more profit. GetUpside is dedicated to helping communities thrive, and we’re having a great time doing it.  


We rely on data to guide our decisions, power our product, and prove our impact.

As we make decisions, we rigorously test all ideas and use those insights to guide our actions. To do that, we’ve prioritized data access for all team members using tools like Snowflake and Looker. This data transparency empowers everyone at GetUpside to learn and make suggestions for improvement. 

Data also powers our product. Digitally personalizing brick-and-mortar business is the lifeblood of our model and we do this by putting the data merchants already have to work to dramatically improve the customer experience and profit on every transaction. It’s not just a matter of understanding data, but using it in a full repeating cycle: understanding it, driving interventions, and measuring results. To do this well, it requires best-in-class engineers, data scientists, and designers. 

Our measurable results set us apart from all other products in our space. It concretely proves the positive impact we have on users and merchants, and is enabling GetUpside’s platform to expand into new verticals. Having experienced 17x growth in 2019 alone, we continue to use data to appropriately scale our software, customer management, consumer growth, and team to keep up with growing demand. 

Knowledge Proactively Shared 

In our agile, mile-a-minute work environment, we make sure team members are on the same page. 

At GetUpside, we take care to publicly document the process, not just the solution. We use templates on our internal Wiki for various types of content to keep consistency and make finding and versioning content easy. That way we surface progress and obstacles as they come, and allow other team members to weigh in where they may have expertise. We also host regular “stand up” meetings—some daily and some weekly—to socialize our work, and we create designated channels for discussions about various topics to keep us organized in real-time. 

Puts Customers First 

We are motivated by the impact our work has on the communities around us, and we are guided by customer needs. 

The most obvious example of the way we put customers first is with our business model. Our performance-based pricing model—also called profit sharing—is arranged so that GetUpside only makes money when our users and merchants do first. We invest real dollars to grow our user base through marketing, and once users are in our system, we then incentivize users to buy more, more often in a way that is profitable for merchants and gets users more (2-3x more!) for their given dollar. GetUpside then shares profit on the amount earned that is above and beyond what the merchant would have been earning on each customer without GetUpside, also called incremental. If GetUpside does not deliver incremental profit, GetUpside does not get paid. This serves as a constant “check” on company initiatives to ensure we are aligned with our mission to help communities thrive. 

Safe-To-Fail Environment 

We encourage out-of-the-box thinking and work together to fine-tune, and learn from our mistakes. 

Our Engineering Team is a close-knit group of hardworking, fast-learning individuals that believe in our mission to help communities thrive. We believe in a data-driven approach to decision-making and an encouraging culture that emphasizes learning from our mistakes. We debate and deliberate on the best ideas to improve our tech stack, and strive for an inclusive atmosphere that champions the psychological wellness of all of our teammates.

Creating something from scratch is a process, and we recognize that failure is an inevitable piece of that process. We learn from our mistakes and build on them for future successes as a team.

Start-To-Finish Ownership

At GetUpside, engineers identify opportunities and “own” their projects, leading and collaborating with others from ideation to production. We encourage start-to-finish ownership because it allows any engineer who is passionate about identifying and solving a problem to move the needle on making our business better.

Recently, one team member identified a need and took it upon himself to create GetUpside’s new data warehousing platform. He used expertise from prior experiences to select Snowflake as the best fit for our business, wrote up a prototype proposal, and shared with our CTO. Once he got the green light, he did all the preliminary work to prove the power of his proposal. Momentum picked up and he asked for additional engineers to help deliver more value more quickly, all while staying hands-on and setting up tutorial sessions to show how others teams could use the data warehouse to their benefit. Since then, this team member’s contribution has completely reshaped the way our company uses data and has empowered all teams—from engineering to sales to everything in between—to make smarter, more data-driven decisions. 

Every team member at GetUpside is in a position to recognize opportunities, overcome obstacles, and drive projects from ideation to production. But even when “owning” your projects, you’re never alone along the way. Team members work together to bounce ideas off of each other, brainstorm, collaborate, and share resources. 


Enriching communities by connecting businesses to people, enabling all to thrive.
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