Welcome to DC Tech Values

Hi, I’m Brian, the founder behind DC Tech Values.

My first job out of college was at a staffing firm. As recruiters, we would meet with candidates to learn everything about them, from their skills, to their personalities, to what they wanted in their next job.

We made a lot of good matches, but one problem kept popping up a little too often:

A candidate would get the job, only to realize within a couple weeks that they didn’t like the culture of the company. 

The employee would then have to choose between restarting their whole job search, or toughing out a bad fit for 1-3 years. If they left, the company was left in the lurch.

The situation isn’t surprising. Job seekers and companies focus so much on the technical needs of a role that how a person will vibe with the norms and values of a team is an afterthought.

Ability is seen as a “must”; value-alignment is seen as a “nice-to-have”.

But the reality of the situation is that if someone clashes with the values of their team, it’s not likely that they’ll last long with the company. 

Lynne Tye at Key Values recognized this issue as well, and had the insight to put culture first in the job-seeking process. She focused primarily on SF companies, and I wanted to do the same for DC area companies.

I built DC Tech Values to help software engineers find DC-area teams where they will truly be a good fit. Teams that share their values.

For the past six months, I’ve been meeting with the engineering teams of fantastic companies in the DC area to help them communicate what they value most. Whether that’s being data-driven, being passionate about the product, or being a great place for parents to work. 

By placing the culture of an engineering team front and center, we can help people find companies that they will love working for.

The DC area tech community is amazing. Companies and engineers here have built phenomenal products, and I know there’s more to come. We just have to help them find each other first.



P.S. I'm on Twitter @dctechpeople, you can email me at brian@dctechpeople.com, and I’m happy to connect on LinkedIn.